Feel free to communicate concerns about your investment in our building, but please be civil.

I’m sure some board members will not be happy I am letting unit owners know about facts they would like to keep hidden.

Current board members are welcome to correct anything posted here they think is not accurate, same as any other unit owner.

I set up this website to make unit owners aware of the money Lori Dillon spent from our treasury without getting approval from the board. Both of the lawyers I had to hire to protect me and my family from her threats to evict us from our home, that she financed from the building treasury, without board approval, told me the same thing: that is illegal. It is called embezzling.

The law doesn’t say it is okay to do that if you have good intentions. It states two board members must approve checks being written out of our treasury.

What needs to happen is for the building Treasurer to provide a full and accurate accounting of the checks she wrote without board approval.

There is a reason she and her husband have been coveting that board position. We found out this year exactly how desperate she is to cling on to that position.

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